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Intercultural Studies in New Teacher Education- From Classroom Teacher to Teacher Educator This research project, in collaboration with Teacher Education Professors in Jamaica and England, aims to capture critical insights and experiences of beginning teacher educators from Jamaica, England and the Middle East. Findings from this research will be published as a part of an edited collection on Intercultural Studies in Teacher Education by Palgrave Macmillian.

American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies Paper Presentation, New York ( Queens) April 2018 : “Between a rock and a hard place – “International Best Practices” borrowing in the United Arab Emirates and the unending dilemma of whose knowledge is the most worth? Undertheorized. Important, fascinating (scary) context.” –

American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies: the Task Force Member : The task force continues to explore the role of curriculum studies in teacher education, particularly in the context of international education in the Middle East. The Taskforce strives to translate curriculum studies work outside of North America, particularly to highlight curriculum work from the diaspora that are not in the mainstream.

Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) Conference, Aston, Birmingham, May 2018: Paper Presentation: “ Looking at Beginning Teacher Educators' Ambitions for Teacher Education through a Cross Cultural Lens.” .

International Baccalaureate Conference, University of Bath, UK, June 2018: Translating Research into Practice: “Teacher perceptions of the development of one school’s own concept-based curriculum programme and its intended and unintended outcomes: A case study of an International Baccalaureate World School in the United Arab Emirates”


STEM Best Practices Summit - Dubia, Mall of Emirates, May 2017 : "STEAM - Shifts in Teaching Practices in the Science classroom". 

Aligning key stakeholders in school development in the GCC, August, 2017- Moderator - Panel Discussion- IQPC conference, Dubai, UAE. 

Commissioned by the IB: International Baccalaureate and the Next Generation Science Standards - Relationship Study Report

Fostering Inquiry in the Science Classroom - White Paper - Teach Middle East Magazine, UAE 

Alliance for International Education Conference, Bangkok, February 2016, Curriculum implications for engaging with difference - "East meets West - Understanding and engaging with pedagogical differences. 




3rd TESOL Arabia Teacher-Led Research Mini Conference. February 2015: Teacher Perceptions about concept-based curriculum development and instruction- Tales from the Chalk Face: T

•Michigan State University, the 3rd Dubai International Conference in Higher Education- Dubai, UAE. February 2015: Tackling content saturation through teaching for conceptual understanding.


•Michigan State University: Conference Proceedings International Conference in Higher Education: Sustaining Success Through Innovation- January 2014: Quality Teaching and Learning through teaching for conceptual understanding- .

•On the Education Panel- Radio 103.4 Dubai Eye, October 2014 : American curriculum Schools in the United Arab Emirates and the Common Core State Standards .

•The Middle East and North Africa Common Core Conference. October 2014: The role of Crosscutting Concepts in unpacking the Next Generation Science Standards.

The MiddlE East and North Africa Common Core Conference,  October 2014: The role of evidence-based writing in aligning to the ELA standards. 

Alliance for International Education conference- October 2014: Cultural Values and Student Expressions in an inquiry-based IB classroom. 



TheGlobal Education Forum- Dubai World Trade Center : Training Approaches for effective use of technology in the classroom-March 5-7, 2013.

Turning into a 'reflective practitioner' - member spotlight International Schools Community- October 2013.

KHDA What Works Partnership- April 17, 2013: "How we build successful relationships through distributive leadership practice"

Global Education Forum- Dubai World Trade Center - March 5-7, 2013 : "Training Approaches for effective use of technology in the classroom".

Beykent Schools, Istanbul, Turkey [for the 12th Turkish National Day IB conference] April  13th, 2013. A. Presentation: Clarifying Conceptual- Misconceptions. B. Presentation: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in the PYP. C. Presentation: The MYP Trans-disciplinary Classroom and The Power of a Conceptual Lens.

•Zayed University [For: KHDA partnership - What works in Literacy].  Title: "How we use compelling questions to drive inquiry-based learning in the English and  Arabic language classrooms at middle and high school stages"-February

12th, 2013

Alliance for International Education Conference - Teachers' Managed Heart in International School Settings. October - 2012.

This paper has featured in the International Schools Journal 2013

Workshop at GITEX- Assessment to Inform Planning with SMART Response - October 2012.

SMART Exemplary Educator Summit, Hamburg, Germany, July 2012.- SMART EVolving technologies in the classroom. 

Moderating a session with renowned author Chetan Bhagat [Emirates Literature Festival] February 2012.

Global Education Summit: Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai March, 2012: " Going beyond facts: Teaching for deep conceptual understanding" 

Facilitating collaboration with Indemaj : Collaborative Teachnology in the 21st century classrooms (Under the Patronage of HRH Princess Haya) May 2012.

Tackling Information Obesity in the 21st century classrooms- Global Education

Summit;  Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai March, 2012.

Gitex, Dubai October 2011, " Some things man was never meant to know and for everything else there is Google - then who needs a Teacher"? 

Insecurities and Tensions of a young research- Paper presented at the Research Students' conference, University of Bath, UK. 2009.




























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